A History Of Vellum Art Show

A History Of Vellum was a fantastic show! Thank you all who made this exhibition a success. Black Market Caviar began as a silk screen print shop and fashion retailer. The vellum prints featured in A History Of Vellum are prints from artist and companies BlckMrktCvr has had the pleasure of working with or strictly printing for. A History Of Vellum celebrates their creativity and entrepreneurship. Many of the prints displayed were printed for small and local independent fashion brands in and around Chicago. Each vellum print encased within the lighted installations were carefully hand picked out of hundreds of vellum prints in our files. The translucency of the vellum allows for a luminescent effect when placed in front of a light source. Printing a vellum sheet is one of the first steps when making a silk screen for the purposes of printing on fabric or paper. Also known as silk-screen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing. the Image on the vellum sheet is then transferred onto a silk screen through a photo-sensitized silk screen. Thank you to the Camp/Us Store for hosting the exhibition located in the Logan Square neighborhood. To stay updated and receive invites to our next show please sign up for our email news letter below! Tags:Chicago Fashion, Chicago Art Show, Custom T-shirt Chicago, T-shirt Printing Chicago