black market caviar is a lifestyle brand founded in chicago illinois by brothers marco & brian lopez.


The mission of Black Market Caviar is to provide quality products and smart chic clothing while introducing new designers and cultural trends to the global market. Black Market Caviar denotes a particular attitude towards today’s economic and social trends. The idea that in times of cultural and economic turmoil, one can stay stylish and artistic.

Founded in the Fall of 2009 by brothers Marco & Brian Lopez. The two brothers grew up in Chicago's Humbodlt Park neighborhood. The Lopez brothers quickly gained local notoriety and caught the attention of the press and many tastemakers in the City of Chicago.  This led Black Market Caviar to the opportunity to work with such companies as Mercedes Benz, CS Magazine, Mens Book of Chicago, Don Julio Tequila.  Black Market Caviar is not about monetary wealth, but a wealth of the spirit, mind and body.